Julya is a partner and co-founder of GPS Pharmacy. She received her doctorate degree with special certification in geriatric care, and special recognition from TEVA pharmaceuticals for excellence in the study of pharmacy. Julya is certified by Compounding Centers of America as a compounder using the latest techniques and drug delivery systems.


Julya’s work on wounds in both the hospital setting and professional career in hospice care generated her interest in compounding. She traveled to Texas to train at PCCA’s headquarters on drug delivery systems that penetrate the skin and mucosal membranes. Her passion for compounding has allowed her to offer the local community compounds for BHRT, podiatric neuropathy/wounds, dermatologic, ENT formulations, veterinary medicine, and more.

Julya believes that specialized medicine is the future of pharmacy. Whether we are treating symptoms of hot flashes, dermatitis, or neuropathy’s, the approach to therapy remains the same; the best combination of drug products in a customized delivery system that meets each patients individual need.


With special interest in the geriatric field, Julya became a consultant pharmacist for hospices in Georgia.  To increase cost savings for hospice and improve patient outcomes, she traveled to locations throughout Georgia to participate in IDT’s.  Julya worked at a hospice pharmacy as the on-call pharmacist for after hour emergency care. During this time she learned the gaps in patient care and the specific needs of hospice care. With this knowledge, she founded GPS Pharmacy which is devoted to palliative care.

Julya believes that no patient should die in discomfort. Her mission is to bring patients comfort during their last minutes of life with immediate delivery of medications to ease pain, anxiety, and discomfort.


Daniel is a partner and co-founder of GPS Pharmacy. Daniel graduated from Emory University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology and studies in pre-medicine. Daniel researched at the Emory Department of Physiology to publish a study on sodium channels and nephron proteomics that uncover a novel transport mechanism used by the kidneys. Daniel’s mission is to optimize the utilization of chemistry, biology, and technology to create custom medications, which promote a better quality of life to all patients. With a background in business management, Daniel devotes his time visiting local physicians and hospices to determine gaps in therapy and ways GPS can assist in improving patient care and cost savings.

Daniel believes that with modern medicine, patients should always have an alternative option for pain relief, comfort, and better outcomes.


Crystal is a graduate of Mercer University College of Pharmacy, and an alumna of UNC-Chapel Hill. Crystal’s focus is compounding, ambulatory care, and internal medicine.  She has worked in community pharmacy and enjoyed her role in the continuity of care. Through community involvement, Crystal realized many patients require further specialized help to meet their needs. Moving forward with GPS Pharmacy, she is able to pursue her passion for patient care and individualizing therapies. Crystal serves as pharmacist manager and emergency care coordinator.

Crystal takes pride in treating each patient like they’re family.

B.S. / CPhT

Ashley graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and minor in psychology. She has worked in the pharmaceutical setting for 9 years with extensive background in compounding. Ashley has been trained in comprehensive compounding techniques by Professional Compounding Centers of America at their headquarters in Houston.

Ashley serves as the master compounder at GPS Pharmacy, producing medication delivery systems that offer faster absorption through the skin and mucosal membranes. She oversees the compounding of bio-identical hormones and customized medications for veterinary, ENT, OBGYN, podiatry, pediatrics, palliative care, and more.

Ashley believes that many patients have unique needs that cannot be met by commercial preparations. Her goal is to improve the quality of life of patients by creating customized medications to fit their specific needs.


Selvin graduated with a degree in computer technology. He is manager of the logistics department. Selvin’s focus is making sure all drivers are routed quickly and efficiently. Selvin manages GPS’s STAT deliveries and STAT drivers. With a manager’s background working for 16 years in logistics and customer service with IKEA, Selvin has a passion for selecting appropriate candidates for their prospective roles. He takes great pride in selecting all of our drivers personally.

Selvin is proud to be in charge of making sure medications are delivered to a patient in crisis, immediately. He says there is no greater service, than to offer support to someone who is in need.


Kalesha graduated with a degree in biomedical engineering and health sciences. She serves as a certified technician focused on hospice medications and training of incoming technicians.